Easy drawing lessons for ultimate beginners: Start to sketch


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Welcome to the book all about Sketching and Drawing. Here is some good news right off the bat. This isn't just for the experienced and skilled artists who spend their days drawing and sketching and have attended art classes galore. That’s right, this is for the everyday man and woman and even child who wishes to hone whatever skills they have and improve. In fact this book is especially for those who don't outright possess the skills of an experienced artist and who want to develop the talent. So with that in mind you can relax and start to look forward to the lessons contained within these pages. A little about what will be expected from this book.

Here is a preview of what you'll learn:
– What you’ll need
– What you’ll be doing
– The Basics
– Drawing simple forms. 3D Figures. Shading
– Sketching more complicated forms
– Drawing humans. How to sketch people
– Portraits
– Tips and Tricks

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All the instructions you will find at the end of the book.

Good luck!